Hello, Please allow me to introduce myself,I am George J Porter III, A real estate appraiser in the area. Southlandappraisers.us is my company,I am trying to bring some creative activity to the area,CHILDREN PLAYS,WHOLESOME MOVIES, online radio,local ACTORS movies,bet on the vet activities all meant to help the community. As I researched county tax records for a client to help reduce their HIGH property tax on a building not in use I came across a building in your control.
I work, I do not have much money,so I have formed FunrunnersProductions.com, a filed charity 501c3 corp. this enables a full deduction from taxes for the market value of any property donated to the corporation,Annistons old mills are not likely to ever come back in business,And also if they are insured the rate may be lowerr if the building is in use. Well I need a large building to start a studio for funrunnersproductions.com.this is a real charity organization, we have projects to help children in latin america,also. If there is a possibility of getting rid of a property for market value please ask your accountant,I am an appraiser not a lawyer. What I say here is my understand from research, but must be verified with a verifing soource.
example 1. jack has a large old mill sitting there empty for years, no likely buyers he is paying 1000's ever year for taxes and upkeep and insurance. Jack has good income and has a tax burden ever year as well. So, Jack donates the building to funrunnersproductions for market value of 100,000. he deducts the money from his taxes over 5 years. saving him 20,000 every year,
FunrunnersProductions takes the building fixes it up and has charity events to raise funds for shoes for kids in latin america, or local children events like plays at the studio, everybody wins..Alabama is our target.anywhere we can start a studio or if you have a haunted looking house donate it and we will make a horror movie with local talent..Our goal is to make the world a better place and all help appreciated.Please spread the word FunrunnersProductions.com
example 2. Jack holds on thinking one day anniston will get leaders that will bring Anniston back, but in the mean time several kids break in to the building and break their leg, Jack is sued because he had not made sure the building was secure enough.
Life is different now than it was, and should still be, me I am an 67 YR OLd US Marine trying to make a difference.Josh Porter 256 223 4565 feel free to call with any questions. I had a stroke on Christmas day 2016, trying to come back from that, have plenty of time to answer. Thanks for listening
2002 leighton ave
anniston.al 36207